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Night on the town ;D
Batman D:
moombachan wrote in fruits
Strutting around a fairly conservative little town in FRUiTsy clothes is fuuuun~ :D

last night me and maetel9 went out for shopping, bubble tea, and Star Wars (ew.) Great fun was had by all.

behold our glory xD

Leigh, 17
HK tank top >> Target
Skirt >> Value Village
Hoodie >> some other thrift store '.'
Necklace >> Value Village
Bag >> Uwajimaya's
Watch >> from Italy
Socks >> from Italy
Point of fashion >> pink kitty
Current obsession >> taking photos

Saba, 18
Pins >> old
Socks >> Target
Shoes >> Payless
Shirt >> gift
Bag >> Morning Glory
Wristband >> from Nakayoshi
Bracelets >> handmade
Hello Kitty Wristband >> Morning Glory
Skirt >> Urban Outfitters
Hairclips >> Morning Glory
Point of Fashion >> experimenting
Current Obsession >> collecting fashion magazines and accessories


bootleg shirt of goodness xD

sock charms *o*

Yumpop shoes <3

many wristbands, none of which tell time xD

the heart is the second hand :D

close ups

lace socks from Italy, shoes from Payless xD

HK hairclip <3

and while we were out, we both bought this adorable backpack :D

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I love all your Hello Kitty stuff...especialy that last bag :3

I want the strawberry Hello Kitty bag! *0*

we got it in a candy store xD

(Deleted comment)
oh my freakin god
did u go to italy during march break?
because i think i was there with you
i recognize that purse

*points to icon* is that you? I recognize you! :o from Boston, right? I always thought you had good style, figures you'd be in this community :b

haha yep...thats me...this is weird
anyway thanks...i always kinda wondered if ud turn up in this community...what with that adorable bag and all

hehe, thanks. quite a few girls from your group asked me about the bag, actually.

leigh you're always cute

I love it all! T__T/~ I especially adore the first outfit. The colors are delicious-looking, like those after dinner pastel mints. Did you get your BABY wristband from Ribon? :3 And I want your Yum Pop shoes SO BAD. >< My feet are much too big, or else I'd get a pair when I go to Japan..

I thiiink it was from Ribon. It was one of those giant manga-type books with free stuffs in it.

What shoe size are you?

Probably Ribon then. :D I get it delivered to my house now. X33

10.5. Yeah, too big. XP

I buy them just for all the cute extras ^^;

darn. I think they only go up to 5UK size

Me too. Sssh. XD I also CG some scans and read the ads.. hee.

Aww you are very cute and whimsical!

cute stuff. i <3 hello kitty. :3
but i liked the star wars movie ;]

Eee, it's Hello Kitty heaven! XD Very cute!

Adorable look, I love how everything matches up!

<33-ed Star Wars.

I'm jealous of the bunny sock charms and the wrist bands. MEGACUTE!

Where'd you get the Yum Pop shoes?? O_O They're so cute!! ^_^ xoxo

Payless Shoes of all places xD they were only $8

i really adore your style. it's similar to my style too. sometimes i dress more lolita or very very decora. but yours is what i wear on a daily basis..for work and such.. ^__^;

kawaiiii! <3

is saba on lj too?

oh pardon my bakka-ness LOL.. i just saw her lj user name up there! *^__^*

How can you say ew to Star Wars?!?! O__________________O
Episode II (which I am watching right now x_______x;;) I can understand...but Star Wars in general???

I really like most of your accessories, especially your socks. ^_________^

I just think the dialogue needed work xD;;; it wasn't a BAD movie....

and thanks :3

The dialogue has always sucked. :PPP It's not exactly George Lucas' forte. XD

Yooouu're very welcome! :)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, Italy had gorgeous socks/tights *o* and the stores are EVERYWHERE. It was LOVE.

You both have amazing style, and you put together outfits so nicely

Thank yoooou :3

at first I thought no one would like our outfits because we "weren't FRUiTy enough" or something xD; I guess you guys aren't as elitist as the lolis xb

Cute CUTE!

I love your icon! It's hilarious!!


yes! i <3 them to death

Where do you get them? @_@

Payless Shoes.

They have Hello Kitty shoes as well, and rainboots <3

haa! i have the handbag version of the strawberry backpack. very cute stuff! where did you find the yumpop shoes? those are adorable!

Payless shoes, in the children's section

i have those same shoes from payless, I wanted to get all the colors but i was pretty much broke so i had to settle for one :( hah

All the hello kitty stuff is adorable. The socks are very pretty, and so are you ^_^


you have some really cute stuff!

that is the most beautiful skirt I've ever seen! My value village never has anything that pretty :(

pretty outfit. love your yumpop shoes, and skirt ^^

i want that backpack soo bad! *cries* oh im so jealous

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