FRUiTS - for fans of Street Fashion!

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oh my goodness! thank you!

if i may add!!

though i think we all read it. ;D

it's on there already. :P

oh, i missed it. sorry ;P

where is your icon from? i have a fascination with plague doctor masks :D

hmm..i don't remember, but it's just a random picture I think.

ooh cool! Thanks for this.

Thank you so much! ♥ Must keep it under "memories" :3 ♥

Quite a list you got there. Thank you! I'm putting it in my memories!

Thank you, I put it in my memories. I love street style sites :]

Thanks, this was over a year's worth of searching and scouring.

and you guys should really get a blank disk and put some pictures for inspiration(That's what I'm doing) especially that free 1-50 FRUiTS torrent.


I'm adding this to memories. Thanks for the post :3.

thank you so much, you're awesome!♥ memo'ing it. ;D

thankyou for this!
Adding to memories <3

thank you bud!
i haven't met many guys into street fashion, guess your the first one met. awesome sites. it'll help me so much. thank you!

I updated the list. *3*

whatever happened to daily fruits? those were enjoyable..we should critique some of these...:O

< o > eye
>o< candy!

Cheers, I'll add the to memories. <------ seems so shopped ...

if they are ... they might as well draw themselves from scratch ... XD

jesus....... this is the stuff of legend lol!
i'm always searching for this type of stuff!

thanks, I'll change it!

ok, from now on, there's going to be a date implying when I last update with links I just found on the bottom of the post.

thank you! nice links.
I found a newcomer for sharing street-style photo. You might want to check this site.

thanks, there's a lot of crap on the web, eh? I have a truckload of street fashion blogs to post, but i'm so lazy right now....but i'm going to put that link you gave me right now...thanks!

Oh, I have about a million more links I can't post because it freezes my computer(the last time I posted was in August) so I might compile a new list someday...

Plus sometimes websites die off, which I hate with a passion. Dead links suck. :(

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