FRUiTS - for fans of Street Fashion!

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Can I just say how amazingly pretty you are?

Your pictures look like they belong in a catalog! My favorite is your "feeling pretty" outfit and your "casting attire." Model casting, i'm assuming.


Thank you! Yes...I was on my way to see Terry Richardson on that particular day.

you are amazing!
i don't know how to express my love for your outfits without sounding like a total creeper so let's leave it at that... XD
do you model?

Thanks, I'll try to keep up with posting and not wait another couple of years!

and yes

Wow, your style is delightful!

holy friggity wow, you look incredible, like you should be modelling these clothes not just wearing them

needs more of this in the fruits comm.

Wow, this is high fashion! I would post this in newestwrinkle too! The pink jacket is particularly lovely!

wow, just wow
I am envious of you!

what's this? someone who *actually* has style in here?
you need to post more!!
this is definitely 100000000x better than all the pattern clashing monsters we get in here <3333

fabbbbulous! you have great photos :D

WHOA, you seriously look like a high-fashion magazine model *o* love your clothes, they're all really great finds~

You've got wonderful style. My favorite is the first outfit - you look exquisite!

Terrific! While I do like your "prettier" outfits, I think that the more masculine ones stand out/are more interesting, esp. with your girly-long hair ;-)

Lovely outfits and photos!

OMFG You are model pretty! PLEASE POST MORE!!!

holy shit you are awesome.

I am in freaking *love* with your fifth outfit -- and Sock Man, yesssss <3

The 4th outfit is my absolute favourite but in general you have pretty much impeccable taste in...everything

You're stylish and gorgeous.

Oh, and can I have you boyfriend?

omfg. You are STUNNING. And your style is HOT. Soooo wonderful and amazing...I would comment on each of your gorgeous outfits individually but I'd be typing away all day long commenting on all the awesomeness. XD
If I saw you walking down the street I would just stare and stare. I'd try to hide it, but it would be hopeless! lol you are just so frickin' beautiful. :)

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