FRUiTS - for fans of Street Fashion!

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"I had an interesting idea to go through my old posts here, because I finally found out how to do that!"

How do you do that? xD

And wow, it's really interesting seeing all of these!
But yes, I agree, your current style isn't all that fruitsy anymore ^^

Oh, sorry, I forgot to post the link. :D Here.
"If you are trying to find an entry by a specific user in a community (this includes yourself), you can use the following format to limit community entries by poster, replacing "examplecomm" with the community name and "exampleusername" with the username of the user in question:"

: )

That collage is so fun to see, thank you for sharing it!

Haha, I had fun making it!! :D

What a cool collage! You've got an excellent sense of style throughout the years.

Love it! What a great idea

Thanks, you should try it too. :)

that is a super cool college :D

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