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I love your hair!
Too bad you're retiring from this com!
I use tumblr but I still prefer livejournal myself.

Thank you!
Yeah, I just decided tumblr was easier and a little more conducive to the reasons I take photos of my outfits - and this way, if people want to share my outfits for inspiration on their tumblrs, all they have to do is reblog them on mine :]

Aw, you're one of the best members of this community. Your outfits range between excellent and awesome (including these.)

well thank you :] I enjoyed my run here, but tumblr is definitely best for sharing my outfits with the most amount of people, I think.

such cute outfits, as always! lovely and girly styles suit you just as much as your awesome punk ones.. must be because you've got great style ;) your new hair-do is really nice too! much love everywhere haha

thanks so much! :D I think you're much more versatile than I am, though, haha!

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