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3 summer mori outfits & 1 question
guinea_piglet wrote in fruits

Headband, socks: Bershka
Jewelry: Forever 21
Dress, top, bag: second hand
Shoes: Sechuna
Point of fashion: casual mori for going to a library

Headband: Urban Outfitters
Dress, top, bag: second hand
Scarf: Terranova
Shoes: Peacocks
Point of fashion: trying to dress up a previous outfit

Only after I looked at the photo, I realised I have rolled both pants and a jacket's sleeves. Is it a major faux pas, I wonder? I guess I shouldn't wear it this way.

Headband: Forever 21
Tops, jacket, bag, shoes: second hand
Pants: hand me down, customised by me
Pins: Anna Sui, Hello Kitty
Point of fashion: mori for work

And here goes the question. Since fruitsyactions is closed, I wonder if you guys can recommend me any good community (or any site) for selling clothes. I'm new to this, I don't have any feedback as a seller yet. But I want to sell some things that might interest people who are into japanese street fashion (like sailor collared dress, cute hoodies and such). Not that I'm going to make a lot of money from this, I just don't want to clutter my wardrobe with things I don't wear much, and it's more enviromental-friendly to re-use clothes rather then throw them away. So any advice? Help?

Your first outfit is so cute.
I can't help with the sales comm question I'm afraid.

Thank you very much anyway!

You are ridiculously cute

I've bought some pieces from these LJ comms:

You look adorable in mori. :)

Thank you for help! I'll try out those communities.

There is a mori girl selling community too: mori_girl_sales. Other than that and the ones that have already been listed I don't know of any. I have the same thing as you going on, so if you hear of any other sales communities please let me know too! XD

Also, I love your coordinates~~ You were one of the first people who got me interested in mori girl style. :)

Awww, thanks!
As far as I know you need to have feedback to join mori_girls_sales community. I'll check them out anyway, thanks for help!

I love your style! These are fabulous outfits.

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