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Evolution of my style (and me)


I know this community is pretty much dead these days, but last night I had an interesting idea to go through my old posts here, because I finally found out how to do that! The first time I posted here was in 2004, at the age of 13. My latest post before this is from when I was 18, and now I am turning 21 in just over a month...
Anyway, even though my style has changed and become a bit boring, my biggest inspiration still comes from the same old Fruits books and magazines. I have gone through some big changes in life (I would expect that to happen during these 8 or so years!) and these days I reside in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. And to be honest, I feel that a big reason for my boring threads at the moment is this city, or maybe the fact that I don't have much money to spend. :D One thing I do really enjoy here is the book shop called Kinokuniya, where they stock all sorts of Japanese mags, one of them of course is FRUiTS! (I also really really really love the ramen joint right next door....)

ANYWAY, here's a little collage I made of my style from 2004 to today. :---) Personally, my favourite year of style is 2009, I am very inspired by myself back then! And yes, I looked very awkward when I was 13... Who didn't?

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I would be very interested to see something like this from others, too!
I'd also like to know if there is another community somewhere else where this sort of posts would be appreciated.
Thanks! o/
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