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Me having fun for once : )
tiq wrote in fruits

I love to dress up in my own clothing but lately I have been a tad bit chuncky, seriously hendering me from wearing any of the stuff I construct! But thanks to the miracle of Red Bull and Caffeine...I am now two sizes down. So I can get into a few things of my own creation---especially those pieces made with a 2 way stretch material! So I hope to have more photos of me enjoying life being smaller and having fun in my--barely--there clothing but for now, here is my very small contribution...

I'll have more photos soon, I am a super dooper camera crack whore!!!

what am I making bedroom eyes at??

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Thank you!

Re: [mod] Please edit your post

whoops--sorry I thought I did : (

..where did you get that jacket? :O!!!!!
but besides that-my god you're cute! I absolutely love everything!

Me cute??? No way---but thanks you made my day.
I made the jacket myself : )
I think I have about 2 more yards of 7 yards I bought of this fleece left. It's imported from Japan..
I did a longer one too but sold it on ebay!

Girl you is kickin'!

I made it :)

I'm in love with that jacket... *heart*

I emailed you yesterday about possibly making me a corset
I love your clothes!

I'll get to it tonight : )
I am trying to finish other projects at the moment : (

You're so pretty! And I love your style. Pink looks great on you.

well thank you! : )

You're welcome. ^_^
I love pink as well.

Nice top! :0 And cute jacket. ;D

Fantastic fantastic fantastic outfit.

tiq is the best!! i'm always referring to you when i post here cuz ppl love the stuff that u make!!! i love you girl!!!

<3 stephiee

I love you too! You helped me discover the magic of lime green!!!

You're cute! <3 your jacket!

thank you!
I was feeling good that day!

That jacket is fantastic! But then again, your whole outfit is!

that is so sweet

omg! i loooooove the jacket!

this is better than talk therapy!!

I just LOVE your face! You're so damn cute! ^_^

I love love love the jacket!
and you are soo pretty ;P

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