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FRUiTS - for fans of Street Fashion!

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FRUiTS Community Tags
nyanko tempura
accela wrote in fruits
fruits Tags
Community Tag Explanation Post!
The complete list of tags can be found HERE!

What are tags?
According to the LJ FAQ, Tags are words and short phrases used to organize your journal entries. When you create or edit an entry, you can specify keyword tags. You can then display up to 100 entries with that particular tag. Community members can add tags to their own entries and other member's entries.

General fruits community tags that may be tagged to a related user submitted entry are:

"art" is for entries containing a drawing, painting, and/or obvious photomanipulation. Please refer to the Community Rules on posting artwork.

"discussion" is for posts involving fruits-related discussion.

"meetups"" is for FRUiTS related meetup posts, such as meetup announcements or pictures.

"photoshoots" is for professional, semi-professional, or amateur photoshoots done by or of FRUiTS members.

"scans" is for scans of a FRUiTS, TUNE, Street, or any other Japanese Street Fashion magazine scan.

"stores" can be tagged to any fruits entry for a link to any online shop outside of LiveJournal and/or auction sites. Sales & trades are only permitted in fruitsyauctions. This also applies to other people's auctions and sales.

"street snaps" can be tagged to any professional, semi-professional, or amateur street snaps (un-posed photography taken of street fashion)

"tutorials" can be tagged to any fruits entry for a tutorial on a specific fashion tribe or style in Japanese street fashion.

Clothing Brand Tags

Members can also tag their entries with clothing brands, such as - 20471120, swimmer, Metamorphose, Super Lovers, etc.
Additionally, entries can be tagged with secondhand, handmade, and/or vintage tags.

The complete list of tags is here. The brand database is here.

Local Shopping Tags

fruits tags posts regarding local shops in areas that may be of interest to FRUiTS members.
The links are located on the Local Shopping Database, and are separated by Country, the State/Province/Constituent.


Additionally, tags may be added to posts in fruits community that deal strictly with a specific fashion tribe or style. Members may create their own tags for fashion tribes not listed. The complete list of tags is here.

cyber, decora, gothic, gyaru, lolita, ouji, punk, rockabilly, secondhand, visual

Community Themes

fruits themes are announced monthly. Posts regarding the month's theme will be tagged with the title of the theme in this format: "theme - [title of theme]"

theme - special cause (Katrina relief donation theme)
theme - what's in the bag
theme - autumnal fashions
theme - earth tones
theme - my old clothes
theme - styles on the street
theme - it's not halloween
theme - retro fashion
theme - space fashion
theme - words
theme - makeup

fruits community tags for specific fruits events are:

daily fruits
"daily fruits" is for the daily critiques on scans of FRUiTS.

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Maybe there should be diffrent types of tutrials? Like Make-up Tutorials, or like sewing tutorials?? I don't know lol

I thought about that, however, there haven't been many tutorials added to the community. If a lot more are contributed, I'll definetely add those.

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