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Brand Discussion - Metamorphose temps de fille
Bake the Puffs
accela wrote in fruits
Metamorphose temps de fille

So let's have a discussion on this brand, since it's a pretty popular brand in the lolita community! Copy and pasting from the Wikipedia page because I'm lazy:

Manifesteange Metamorphose temps de fille (Metamorphose temps de fille, Metamorphose or Meta) is the name of a Japanese clothing boutique chain created in 1997 by the current president of Metamorphose and its designer, Kuniko Kato.
Metamorphose's website states, "Almost everyone has the desire to “transform” one’s self, be it into an angel, someone who is more elegant, or even back to the time they were a little girl. With this concept in mind, we created the Metamorphose brand. In order to assist you in your “transformation”, while not being a slave to the current fashion, we continue to conceive cute EGL fashion."
Metamorphose are possibly the most imaginative of all the Japanese Lolita brands; they have developed a label within western lolita circles as being creative by having untraditional (in lolita fashion terms) cuts and prints of clothes; these include retro style prints, circle skirts and the Punkma camouflage.
Metamorphose also seems to be the most accessible Japanese Lolita website to foreign customers. They have a translation of their website in English, ship abroad and accept Paypal, unlike other Lolita brands, which usually are not available overseas without the use of a shopping service. They also have a 'point' loyalty scheme.
Because Kuniko Kato herself may be considered 'plus sized' in Japan, many Western girls find Metamorphose brand clothes an easier fit than other brands whose clothes tend to run a lot smaller. Many 'plus sized' Lolitas have found that Metamorphose clothes, which are made in one size only, can fit quite comfortably.

Hahaha wow, that's a lot of words! So do you own anything? Hate it, love it? Questions, complaints? Post some like these other cute fruits posts!

Going to talk about the recent news from egl?

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I love it to death, but I'm too broke to afford anything brand. Plus I don't know if I could pull off lolita, although I am planning on trying.

i do love meta. i like that they make a lot of casual items which i can wear to work . . . i love fancy frilly stuff but it's not practical for me. also, while i am not fat, i am JUST too big to fit in most baby . . . and i will never be able to fit in victorian maiden/angelic pretty/mary magdalene. so i appreciate the shirring and larger sizes. a lot of people don't like meta because they find the designs ugly and overpriced. they do use some bad lace and some of their items seem overpriced for what they are. others are just gorgeous, though. someone said they are going under, i have no idea if that is true but i would cry if it happened.

eek, I've been hearing that rumour, too (about Meta slowly going out of business). While I do think some of their stuff is overpriced (especially for the lace that they use), it would be quite sad if they went under, and it would be one less brand that ships overseas...

i honestly think part of the reason everyone hates on meta is because it is accessible and easier to get, therefore more common and "not as cool" as the harder to get brands. heh, brands are like bands in that way, i guess.

when i have money i'm gonna buy stuff from them so they don't go under! haha!

Hum... I don't think that's the case at all - Meta's reserve stuff and special items (the things that everyone covets, like their sailor stuff, kimono prints, crazy cut items) disappear just as fast as AP stuff.

Baby's stuff sticks around forever, and the only time I ever had to rush to get a preorder in was last winter's boots. I'd say Baby is the easiest to get a hold of out of all brands.

i meant that their website is in english and it's not so complicated to order from them compared to baby (even though baby started their website). baby's site scares people because there isn't an option to view the whole thing in english. and meta was the first to offer international shipping.

Ohhh! Sorry, I misread that. Yeah, they're definitely the first international lolita friendly site.

In relation to your first point then... Do you think it's probably not so much a case of "easy to get isn't cool" but "the harder to get IS cool"? (If that even made sense...) Like how I love Victorian Maiden so much, but because I have a hard time getting a hold of Mary Magdalene things, I covet those much more...

i think it is a mix of BOTH "easy to get isn't cool" and "harder to get IS cool". XD i always covet the brands i have to get through shopping services more!

i have never actually tried to order any victorian maiden/mary magdalene stuff (but oh i think it's gorgeous). why is VM easier to get?

i need to commission a shopping service, there are so many things i want from swimmer and suppurate system and innocent world . . .

victorian maiden stuff really doesn't sell out SUPER FAST, whereas the cool new mary magdalene things almost always disappear right after they hit the site (sort of like AP specials). =~=

well, i will never be able to fit either brand . . . i almost never look at angelic pretty because i assume the items are either unavailable or too small.

i almost never look at angelic pretty because i assume the items are either unavailable or too small.

that sounds about right >> graaah at that brand

i did/do really want that red school bag, but it's impossible to get. *cries*

<3 meta
I have a black Meta JSK that's lovely^_^

(Deleted comment)
Ahh, you don't have to wear it in a lolita style to "pull it off" if that's what you mean! I've seen some awesome stylish outfits done with their items.

Responding to my own post: I miss their older crazier stuff. They need to keep out of the sweet lolita stuff that Baby and AP dominate and go back to their unique, awesome stuff that nobody had.

Rockabilly-lolita, I miss you so. ;_;

totally agreed! they did some of that recently with all the polka dot stuff. they do kitschy cute stuff very well, but not straight sweet or gothic styles. they just need to be their quirky selves!

Yeah! I was kind of happy when I saw a few of their newer things! Like they were going back to their old ways a little.

I think they just hopped onto the sweet lolita thing because it's gotten a more popular recently with Japanese lolita (maybe its JD/himegal stuff's influence, i dunno)... just like how they came out with tons of gothic lolita stuff when that got all popular there a few years back.

Hum... I'll be super sad if they go out of business, simply because all the other brands' prints flat out suck compared to Metamorphoses' stuff. :O

It's funny I rant about this so much, because Metamo isn't even close to being in my favorite brands as a whole, but they definetely come out with the styles/pieces that I end up loving more than anything else.

see, i'm just not at all a sweet lolita. couldn't ever pull it off, unless it involves some black (like baby's ice cream jsk). but i'm not at all gothic either, i like vintage and 50s looks so meta is perfect for me.

they put out a lot of bad stuff, but their good stuff is just awesome. i have their music note jsk and the cherry gingham print jsk, i love them.

Rockabilly-lolita, I miss you so. ;_;

Wait...WHAT?! *creaming of the panties starts* WHAT? WHAT? MUST SEE MUST SEE MUST SEE...!!!!

i actually don't like a lot of their things. but i do [still] own a one piece by them and i love it. i would buy basics from them though, because of how easy it is to order from them, but that's about it. i prefer the collections of innocent world, baby the stars shine bright, and victorian maiden.

I love their 50s/60s stuff, no other brand does it quite as well. I like it when they break the rules and show influence from other styles. I also really like their winter lines; they seem to fail more in spring/summer but autumn/winter are generally good.

Stop making crappy sweet things and make more rollabilly, Meta.

I don't know them that well, but they are quite my favourite lolita brand. That's because I don't really like lolita and Meta has (or has had, if I understand the comments) very original designs that mix lolita with other things.
I do like a lot of lolita basics, I just don't like the style in general and that's probably why I like Meta better than other loli brands.

I love Meta for being Meta - which is stretching the limits of the traditional lolita frame. Angelic Pretty does it too in that sweetnes overload kind of way, but Meta dares to go over the top and across borders. Like flirting with retro style and never gives up on the lacecovered mountains called dresses. I haven't bought much Meta lately but for me they'll always be up at the top along with Innocent World.

This is me in the Metamorphose LP OP'07:

I'm too fat to fit into their skirts and stuff :( But their clothes are so pretty!

as much as i would love meta or even btssb i think their just too damn expensive, it insane to see 300 + for dresses or even 100+ im a cheap loli and i wish i could actually buy some stuff

Aaah, I love Meta! My opinions on them have pretty much all been said but I'd like to add that I especially love their unique retro-style prints!

Their stuff is also so very versatile! They make some lovely casual things as well as other items that can easily work well with non-Lolita outfits. I wore their Melody Note dress to my prom and it was the perfect dress!

I think some of meta's stuff can be pretty cute, but due to the simplicity of their designs, I feel like it's not really worth the money (especially since they started increasing their pricings). But I do enjoy the sale section! I have a marine jsk from them, and it's just so lovable.

meta is awesome! all of my lolita basic pieces [that i wear allll thhheee timeeee] are from meta. i would buy lots more if i had the moola ;3;

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