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FRUiTS - for fans of Street Fashion!

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Go ahead.
see through you
the_painful_red wrote in fruits
i've been a little hesitant to posting here, cause i don't want to be too annoying and posting all the time. he he. So i'm sorry if i'm annoying some of you.  Here's two outfits, (Cross posted to great_outfits.)

The green skirt i'm wearing is extremely short and cheaply made, so i'm sorry if it looks weird with the black skirt under it.  Without it, i would've looked more like a hooker. he he.



i dont think it looks weird with the black skirt, it goes well with the zebra pattern and little cardigan. so great. however im not sure how i feel about the other one. its great, i love the colors but i dont know if its too much, you know?

Oh you're so cute, but I don't really like the red boots with the green dress in the first picture. The second outfit is awesome, kinda risky with the colours but that's why I like it. :) I love your pink zebra vest!

I agree with thechezz on the red boots not quite moving in tune with the green dress.

But I really really really enjoy the second outfit! :D I love the vibrant colors!

I love those red boots, but not so much with the green outfit.

You are soooo so cute, though! I like the second outfit very much.

I love the second outfit especially– purple(or is it pink?) and orange is probably one of my favorite color combinations. xD

And I disagree– I like the red boots with the green outfit, they seem to match your hair in the pictures. :3

i love both of these outfits. there's lots of bright colours, but you pull it off and it looks really great :)

oh come now! you aren't annoying. the second one with your hair looks a little like a sunset, it's really cute. :D and maybe green boots with the first outfit.

Thank you!

Oooh, green boots. i didn't think of that. Wouldn't some think it was too matchy matchy though?


The green skirt with black one under it doesn't look weird at all. It goes well with the rest of the outfit. And the red boots match your hair, hehe. :]

I love the second outfit a little bit more, though ^^

So cute! I love your hair color.

+ I really like the first outfit and the contrast of the bold red and the green.
+ You used animal print properly by having only one piece focus on the pattern, KUDOS!

- The second outfit's orange tulle is a bit distracting and adds a lot of weight to your outfit. If you wanted to use orange to contrast the purple, I would have gone with a scarf or orange leggings.
- Hope you take care of your roots soon ;-)

Oh, ha ha, i will. i'm just delaying on the roots and redying because i'm thinking of adding black into my hair and i don't know if i want to yet or how much.

Thank you! he he. Actually, my watch is leopard print, but it's the only watch i have. i'm buying a black one soon, to be more neutral. So i was accidentally wearing two animal prints. ;D

i don't know why the colors look weird here, maybe it's because we take pictures in the sun. My hoodie is pink and the skirt tulle/organza is red with hints of gold in it. he he. Some girl on here told me previously that i'm not supposed to use orange because it doesn't go with my hair. :O


I love the 2nd one:it's risky but you've managed to pull it off.

And I actually quite like the boots with the rest of the outfit in the first one, cos it seems to balance out your hair (if that makes aaaanay sense)


love the second one =D in special your boots! <333

I love these outfits! I think maybe different coloured boots would look better with the second outfit :]

Thank you! he he.

What color would you suggest?