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FRUiTS - for fans of Street Fashion!

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Final post in this community
Miku icecream
phenphenny wrote in fruits

This is my final post here in fruits - I'm "retiring" from most livejournal communities.
However, if you have a tumblr, I have started a daily outfits blog there! I've been posting quite often and hope to continue doing so. (you can also click the picture above to get to it.)

If you go to my tumblr linked above, you can find even more detail shots for these outfits.

And as you can see, I recently cut/dyed my hair again~

Hairbow - Chocomint

Shirt - Barbie x Uniqlo

Skirt - Rave

Socks - Tutuanna

Boots - Forever21

Hair accessories - Claire’s

Top - Liz Lisa

Romper - Wet Seal

Shoes - Old Navy

Hairbow - Claire’s

Card necklace and ring - Chocomint

Choker - Disney

Shirt - Ank Rouge

Skirt - Gal Fit

Socks - Tutuanna

Shoes - I don’t remember

Hair pompoms and belt - Claire’s

Cardigan - Tralala

Lace tank - Wet Seal

Jeans - ???

Shoes - ???

Thanks for looking ♥

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I love your hair!
Too bad you're retiring from this com!
I use tumblr but I still prefer livejournal myself.

Thank you!
Yeah, I just decided tumblr was easier and a little more conducive to the reasons I take photos of my outfits - and this way, if people want to share my outfits for inspiration on their tumblrs, all they have to do is reblog them on mine :]

Aw, you're one of the best members of this community. Your outfits range between excellent and awesome (including these.)

well thank you :] I enjoyed my run here, but tumblr is definitely best for sharing my outfits with the most amount of people, I think.

such cute outfits, as always! lovely and girly styles suit you just as much as your awesome punk ones.. must be because you've got great style ;) your new hair-do is really nice too! much love everywhere haha

thanks so much! :D I think you're much more versatile than I am, though, haha!

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