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FRUiTS - for fans of Street Fashion!

FRUiTS@LJ @ Tumblr
Hello all you FRUiTSy folk~~~ [lol]

I know it's been forever and I apologize for disappearing off the face of this internet. In my attempts to revive my online life, I realized that half of LJ has emigrated to tumblr...

I miss this community dearly, and the deadness of it makes my heart cry, so I opened up this:

a work in progress obviously

It's not meant to replace this community, but more as a supplement since a large population of the media-sharing part of livejournal has moved to tumblr due to the convenience and layout. I am reposting a lot of my old Daily FRUiTS scans and we are still working on the layout to include more links back to this community and the members (and links to commenting here, etc).

Please feel free to join in and submit your past/recent entries, and be sure to link back to the post on LJ if you want. Also, tag away brands/styles/names because that will be a big part of the layout once we're done with it.

♥ ash

It's worth a shot!
Sadly this comm is pretty much dead, but I figured it was worth a shot to at least ask and see if anyone knew.

YEARS ago (maybe 2005 to 2007-ish) there was a girl who would post here semi-regularly who:

-lived in I think Finland or Sweden (if not, then somewhere else in Scandinavia)
-had short straight hair that was often dyed turquoise, or sometimes orange-yellow
-from what I remember, she often dressed gothic/visual kei-ish (sorry, I'm not very good with names of styles!) and always wore pants...maybe gothic boy-style? (Ugh, I'm terrible at this)
-I seem to remember something unusually gorgeous about her mouth...maybe she had two lip piercings? I can't recall...
-I *think* she had a very short LJ name that was maybe like 4 or 5 letters long

Of course I looked through the archives EXTENSIVELY but I couldn't find anything. This girl was BEAUTIFUL and was such a fashion inspiration I looked up to way back when. Also I can't remember her name and it's driving me nuts!

Anyway, I doubt anyone remembers, but if you do, PLEASE tell me! I would be so grateful! *_*

Thank you. :)

6%DOKIDOKI Fashion Walk
Hi! Here are some pictures from the 6%DOKIDOKI Fashion Walk in San Francisco. :-)

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First time post :)
i like to bang
Just 3 outfits, because I always forget to take photos!

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Just one outfit
I got inspired by liquorice allsorts!

After-all we need sweets every now and thenCollapse )
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Last lot of pinkness ;_;
Hai <3
Thought I'd share my latest pinkheaded outfits
before I dye my hair brown :(
graduating in a few weeks, getting prepared for the real world 'n all!

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mostly steampunk (lolita)
I've really got to post more often!

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Call for Models/Designers for J-Fashion Show
lolita - derby wedding
Posted with permission from accela.

Anime World Chicago wants to showcase the Japanese and Asian-inspired fashions. They are looking for designers and models for their J-Fashion Show. They are seeking creators and models to demonstrate the following styles:

* All Lolita styles (sweet, gothic, classic, punk, wa, hime, guro, ouji, boystyle, country, EGL/EGA, etc.)
* All Gal styles (gyaru, ganguro, oneegyaru, kogyaru, manba, gyaru-kei, banba, etc.)
* Decora
* Mori girl
* Visual Kei
* Fairy-kei
* Dolly-kei
* Brand, Off-Brand, Indie Japanese/-inspired fashions
* Other street fashions you suggest!

MODELS WITH WARDROBE: Please write a few sentences about the fashion you're representing (what characterizes that style) and your own outfit (if you made it, bought it, etc.). This will be read while you walk the runway.

MODELS WITHOUT WARDROBE: If you'd love to be a model, send them your info and they'll try to match you up with a designer so you can model their creations in the show.

DESIGNERS: They can match you up with a model. They will also announce you as the creator when the outfit is shown on stage.

PROFESSIONAL COMMISSION ARTISTS: Contribute an outfit for a model to wear in our show and they'll announce your company as the creator during the show as well as give you free space to display fliers or business cards so attendees can pick them up.

If you would like to be involved, please email programming@animeworldexpos.com. Tell them which of the above categories you fit into. Include the fashion you'd like to represent, and if possible, attach or include a link to a photograph or design sketch of your outfit.

Details found at http://www.animeworldchicago.com/events/fashion-show/

SALE!!! and photos
I auditioned to be a model for the 6%dokidoki fashion show a while back.
Click the cut to see my contest entries.


I am also having a sale for FRUiTSy, decora, fairy kei, raver, and Bodyline clothing and accesories!

please check it out here!


New MASQ clothing
New MASQ clothing!

Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/masque242