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FRUiTS - for fans of Street Fashion!
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Please read before posting!
  1. Please refrain from making an introductory post when you join, unless it has some kind of picture/information/question/link that pertains to FRUiTS. Introductions tend to clog up the community with posts that simply say "Hi, I'm new and I love FRUiTS!" We know you do, that's why you joined.

  2. Only one image may be posted outside of an LJ-cut, and it must not exceed 500 x 500 pixels in size. You may post images of any size inside the LJ-cut as long as they fit within the community's topic.

  3. All picture posts must include at least one picture of your outfit (full-body or near full-body). POSTS MADE UP OF HEADSHOTS ARE NOT ALLOWED. If we cannot tell what you are wearing in the picture, then it cannot be judged as relevant to the fruits community. Pictures of your own accessories or single articles of clothing may only be posted if there is a picture of the outfit they are included in. This rule only applies to posts of your own belongings; picture posts referring to items in a store or online store are acceptable.

  4. Please stay on topic! All artwork should be placed behind an LJ-cut; pixel dolls, cosplay, lifestyle items such as stationery, home furnishings, food, cellphone accessories, stickers, et cetera are not allowed in the community. Household sundries and decor may be posted to fruitsy_rooms. If you are unsure if your post topic is appropriate, please email the administrator beforehand.

  5. Sales & trades are not permitted in fruits. This also applies to other people's auctions and sales. The only exception is if you run an online shop outside of LiveJournal, Etsy, and/or any auction sites, then you may post one link to the shop here.

  6. Community advertisement is permitted only by request. If you run a community that would be of interest to the fruits members, please email the maintainer for permission. Please post all ads for penpals in fruitsypenpals.

  7. Most importantly - be kind to one another! We all know the difference between constructive criticism and being rude. Any deliberately offensive or inflammatory posts/comments will be deleted, and appropriate actions will be taken.

  8. The phrases "Not very FRUiTSy" or "Not FRUiTSy enough" are banned from the community. :) Please check this post for an explanation why.

  9. Users may also be banned for frequently breaking any of these rules.
All posts are currently moderated. If your post is rejected, a reason will be included as to why such action was taken. If your entry is deleted and you feel it should have been accepted, please message the moderator accela, and discuss it with her.

The community maintainer is jolie_laide; please direct all queries to her. The moderator is accela.

You can buy the book from Amazon or Overstock and you can buy the magazine from the official site (you can also buy back issues of the magazine there).

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